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101 Things a Green Belt Should Know

Green Belts are employees of an organization who have been trained on the Six Sigma improvement methodology and will lead a process improvement team as part of their full time job. While Green Belts don't need to know as much as Black Belts or Master Black Belts, there are many things a Green Belt should know. This list will help.

3 Challenges to Overcome When Developing a Lean Six Sigma Training Curriculum

During 2008-2009, I led an effort to create an in-house Lean Six Sigma training curriculum in our 34-hospital healthcare system. Not only did my organization want the training to be effective and cost-efficient, but it also needed to help standardize…

5 Six Sigma Deployment Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Years of Six Sigma deployments have created a wealth of both success stories and lessons about process challenges -- learn to steer clear of others' mistakes.

Activities vs. Performance: Improvement, Common Sense

Most organizations have a strong bias toward planning, managing and executing a multitude of supposedly value-added activities hoping that these activities will yield significant results. Most do not. But there is another – better – way.

Amherst, N.Y., Approves Funding for Six Sigma Program

The Town Board of Amherst, N.Y., USA, recently approved the spending of $24,000 to begin training for a Lean Six Sigma program similar to what the Erie County, N.Y., government adopted in 2008. The Amherst Chamber of Commerce says it will pick up half the tab to jump-start the town program.

Analogic Corp. Wins Grant for Lean Six Sigma Training

Analogic Corporation, a leading provider of medical imaging and aviation security technology, announced today that the Company has received a $100,000 grant from the Massachusetts Division of Career Services (DCS) Workforce Training Fund. Analogic will use the funds to support a Lean Six Sigma training program to improve the Company’s productivity and reduce costs.

April Toronto-area Lean Six Sigma Networking Event

On Tuesday, April 13, 2010, Xerox Canada and MoreSteam.com will co-host a one-day Lean Six Sigma program for education and networking.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Hiring and Training Black Belt Leaders

Jackie Cazar, vice president of Pershing LLC, a member of BNY Securities Group, offers her perspective on the hiring and training of Black Belt leaders – including what a Black Belt needs in the way of skills, background and experience.

Australian Bank to Revamp IT with Lean Six Sigma

To prepare for a three-year IT overhaul, Australia’s Westpac bank is applying Lean Six Sigma methods to improve customer service.

Auto Workers in Mexico City Receive Belt Training Through UC Irvine Program

During its graduation ceremony last week, UC Irvine Extension recognized Volkswagen de Mexico with its Partnership Award. This honor is bestowed on an organization that maintains a top-quality educational relationship with the institution.

Bestnet Europe Trains Workers in Six Sigma for Kenyan Plant Expansion

Danish manufacturer Bestnet Europe Ltd. has announced the establishment of a new sewing and packing facility to produce mosquito netting in Mombasa, Kenya. Bestnet has already trained its management team and staff of about 50 workers in Six Sigma methodology and plans to triple the number of workers as it ramps up to full production capacity by mid-2011.

Canadian Forestry Association Receives Grant for Six Sigma Training

A government-sponsored Lean Six Sigma training grant for a Canadian forest products association is expected to have a major impact on the struggling forestry sector in the maritime province of New Brunswick, Canada.

Career Advice for IT and Six Sigma Professionals

When facing an imminent layoff, what path should Six Sigma professionals with a technical background take to get into the information technology (IT) arena?

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Prep Course in Las Vegas May 10-13th

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Prep Course in Las Vegas May 10-13th

Computacenter Returns to Best Places to Work List

Computacenter AG & Co. oHG, an information technology (IT) services firm that first began its Six Sigma deployment 14 years ago, has made its second consecutive appearance on iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work list. Computacenter was ranked at No. 10 for this year’s list, the same position it was given in the 2010 list.

Demand for Six Sigma Hires Rising at Financial Firms

In the last two years of the Great Recession, financial firms have shown a heightened interest in hiring executives who are familiar with the rigors of the Six Sigma methodology, according to a representative from executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

Doncasters Steps Up Training with Three New Certified Black Belts

Doncasters Group Ltd., a U.K.-based global manufacturer of precision-engineered machine parts, has met its internal goal of training three members of its staff as Lean Six Sigma Black Belts in three different locations.

Establishing Criteria for Black Belt Candidate Selection

Many Six Sigma companies would benefit from being able to identify the critical success factors associated with Black Belt candidate selection. A recent study that started with psychometric tests of candidates has provided some insight.

European Program to Fund Six Sigma Training at 16 U.K. Businesses

Sixteen manufacturing firms located in the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom are poised to receive Six Sigma business management training as part of a European Union initiative to spur competitiveness in the region.

Experiential Learning of Lean Six Sigma with Marbles and Toy Cars

Conducting experiments using marbles and toy cars is a fun way for practitioners to teach students about the use of graphical and analytical tools, and also give them a better understanding of the Six Sigma mantra to “control x, then Y will take care of itself.”

Faster Deployment for Europe’s Small/Medium Businesses

To initiate a continuous improvement program, small- and medium-sized businesses must refine the deployment model to meet their needs. This is particularly important in Europe, with the typical European company being smaller than its U.S. equivalent.

Five9's Six Sigma Training Division Purchased by Linium

Linium’s acquisition of Five9 Technologies Training division, Chicago-based management consulting firm specializing in IT performance and business process, will springboard Linium’s own education offerings launch through Linium Educational Services, adding to its array of services specializing in IT solutions and strategy, enterprise performance and business technology optimization.

GOP Presidential Hopeful Pawlenty Cites Six Sigma as Reform Tool

Soon after announcing the he was forming an exploratory committee for a potential bid for the presidency in 2012, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty was heard touting the virtues of Six Sigma process improvement for the government reform, according to the Politico blog.

How Much Training Is Needed to Create Good Black Belts?

One would think that with the levels of standardization and process efficiency we drive in Lean Six Sigma that there would be consensus on how much training a certified Black Belt should receive. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is Your Organization Ready to Implement Six Sigma?

A successful Six Sigma implementation depends on a company's culture, and the commitment and conviction of its leadership. Identifying a few simple factors can help determine whether an organization is ready for a successful deployment.

Lean Six Sigma Online Training and Certification Due Diligence [VIDEO]

How do you figure out if an online Lean Six Sigma training and certification course is useful and worthwhile? Learn from four industry experts who discuss critical issues facing students evaluating training and certification options.

Leap Technologies Establishes Six Sigma Agreement with Motorola University

Leap Technologies Establishes Six Sigma® Agreement with Motorola University

Lift Truck Manufacturer Saves $1.5 Million Since Adopting Six Sigma

Even after decades of success, Crown Equipment Corp, the Ohio-based manufacturer of electric lift trucks, has recently found ways to use Six Sigma strategies to improve processes, reduce scrap and gas usage and fine-tune operations. The company now has 18 certified Six Sigma Green Belts and 15 Black Belts in its North American manufacturing facilities striving to lead the corporation toward even further improvement.

Live from iSixSigma Live! Summit and Awards – Day 2

By Paul V. Arnold, editor-in-chief Excitement and learning continues to build at the 2011 iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards, behind held this week at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami. Featured activities for today (Feb. 8) include several…

Live From the iSixSigma Live! Summit and Awards

By Paul V. Arnold, Editor-in-chief, iSixSigma The 2011 iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards kicks off today, Feb. 7, at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami. Today’s featured activities include the iSixSigma Project Bowl and four Master Class Workshops….

Live from the iSixSigma Live! Summit and Awards – Day 3

By Paul V. Arnold, Editor-in-chief Day 3 brings big news and big learning opportunities at the iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami. Featured activities for today (Wednesday, Feb. 9) include a high-energy…

Master Black Belt Curriculum and Body of Knowledge

Education is a key component of your Six Sigma initiative. Below is a recommendation of what should be included in your training, whether conducted in-house or by a third-party consultant.

MoreSteam.com Introduces Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training and Certification

MoreSteam.com, the leading global provider of online Lean Six Sigma training and Blended Learning support technologies, has partnered with the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University (OSU) to present an innovative and affordable Master Black Belt development program.

MoreSteam.com Releases New Foreign Language Green Belt Courses

MoreSteam.com, the leading global provider of online Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training and Blended Learning support technologies, has expanded its international offerings with the release of three new foreign-language versions of its 80-hour Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

New Course for Six Sigma Professionals Announced

New Course for Six Sigma Professionals Announced

Pivotal Resources Launches Oaktree

Pivotal Resources Launches Oaktree

PowerSteering Software Announces Upcoming Webcast On PPM for Product Development

PowerSteering Software, the leading provider of on-demand Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions for Six Sigma, will host a free webcast, “Diagnosis PPM: Curing Common Product Development Ailments with Project Portfolio Management,” on Tuesday, April 6 at 11:30 a.m. (EDT).

Process Excellence: Battling Inefficiencies at Canada Post

In 2003, a small group of employees began Black Belt training to give impetus to Canada Post’s process excellence movement. By the end of 2005, project teams are expected to have netted more than $10 million in savings and new revenues.

Record Number of Students Apply for Black Belt Certifiaction Program

A record number of seniors and graduate students have applied for the University at Buffalo’s (UB) 2011-2012 Six Sigma Black Belt Student Certification program, according to a recent statement from the school, part of the State University of New York system.

Resource Page: How to Learn Lean Six Sigma

Individuals have options for learning new skills at the place they prefer and in the way they prefer: in-person, online or blended (a combination of classroom and online).

SBTI Announces Green Belt Toolkit in Excel

SBTI Announces Green Belt Toolkit in Excel

SigmaPro Announces New Project Management Service Line

SigmaPro Announces New Project Management Service Line

Singapore Education Initiative to Include Lean Six Sigma Programs

Singapore’s Minister of Manpower Gan Kim Yong said that the Government will increase its investment in continuing education and training (CET) to about $2.5 billion over the next five years to help more workers across industries.

Singapore Launches Corporate Productivity Initiative with Motorola University

The Singaporean government has launched the Innovation Improvement Initiative program, to help enhance Singapore companies capabilities in innovation and productivity. The project-based program is designed to jumpstart productivity improvement.

Six Sigma Advantage Announces Agreement with Motorola

Six Sigma Advantage Announces Agreement with Motorola

Six Sigma Black Belt Curriculum and Body of Knowledge

Education is a key component of your Six Sigma initiative. Below is a recommendation of what should be included in your training, whether conducted in-house or by a third-party consultant.

Six Sigma Champion Curriculum and Body of Knowledge

Education is a key component of your Six Sigma initiative. Below is a recommendation of what should be included in your training, whether conducted in-house or by a third-party consultant.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Top Skill of 2014

LinkedIn, the largest and most popular business-oriented social networking service, announced over the weekend their top 25 "hottest skills" of 2014. It's of little surprise that "Statistical Analysis and Data Mining" was listed as the top skill of those individuals in highest demand.

Streamlining the Ordering Process for U.K. Book Publisher

British book publisher Hachette UK prepares for the e-book age by deploying Lean Six Sigma to shorten ordering lead times and simplify the book assembly process.

Tennessee Marine Firm Receives Funds for Lean, Kaizen Training

A grant from the Tennessee Department of Labor (TDL) will soon help 132 employees at Moeller Marine Inc., of Sparta, Tenn., USA, learn Lean skills to improve the plant’s efficiency.

To BB or Not to BB?

Deciding whether to become a Six Sigma Black Belt (BB) is a major career decision, and you should carefully consider the pros and cons.

Toyota, AkzoNobel Create Process Improvement Program for Collision Repair

AkzoNobel Car Refinishes Americas and Toyota Motor Sales, USA, have agreed to combine experience and resources surrounding process improvement methods for collision repair operations, resulting in the Toyota Production System for Collision (TPS-C).

U.K. Electronics Firm Reports Six Sigma Quality Levels Via Automation, Training

A U.K.-based manufacturer of electrical and electronic assemblies has attained Six Sigma manufacturing quality levels of 99.97 percent following the installation of fully automated, custom designed wire processing machinery at its factory in the West Midlands. A gradual, phased implementation…

U.K.'s Prism Electronics Enhances Problem-Solving Skills with Lean Training

Undertaking NVQ business improvement training has helped staff at St. Ives (Cambridgeshire, U.K.) based contract electronics manufacturing services provider Prism Electronics Limited become better problem solvers.

University of Oklahoma to Offer Free Lean Training to Businesses

The University of Oklahoma Lean Institute will officially launch its new Lean and Green training program for Oklahoma businesses in Fall 2010. Lean and Green teaches organizations how to identify and eliminate environmental waste from their own operations through three intensive days of training spread over 10 to 12 weeks.

‘We Are the Champions!’ – Exactly What That Means

Project Champions ensure that organizational systems are in place to support the Six Sigma initiative. As managers, they provide exposure of the program to their functional reports and endorsement of the program as a management initiative.

Who Wants to Be a Six Sigma Master Black Belt?

How does one become a Master Black Belt, the person responsible for the strategic deployment of Six Sigma within an organization? There are a variety of skills and experiences necessary for the role, as well as some specialized training.

Why Don’t More Leaders Get It? Explanations for Six Sigma – Part 1

Why don't leaders of companies recognize the power of a Six Sigma quality program and the benefits to the company? You may be explaining it the wrong way. Read about these traps and how to avoid them during your next explanation.

Why Six Sigma Black Belts Make Better Leaders

Besides business and functional know-how, a successful leader must have competencies in leading change and improving, designing and managing processes. A Six Sigma program helps prepare leaders by providing on-the-job training through project work.

World Sports Media Group Purchases Six Sigma Tennis Methodology

World Sports Media Group announced that it will acquire the Six Sigma Tennis methodology for an undisclosed amount. The creator, Steven Falk, will be brought aboard as CEO.

Yellow Belts: Creating a Corporate Sense of Inclusion

A more general knowledge across an organization may pay bigger dividends than deeper knowledge in fewer Six Sigma experts. Yellow Belt training mitigates potential impediments to improvement and change by creating a sense of corporate inclusion.

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