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    The PDCA is a concept that even though very simple in nature difficult to grasp for some people. I am looking for the scope of the isssues or problems or improvements one can use PDCA with. In simple terms, when and what kind of  problems is appropriate to use PDCA with?
    Your suggestions are appreciated



    PDCA is a concept that should never have developed as far as it has. Plan Do Check Act totally misses the fact that decision need to be data driven.
    I believe this is whuy the creators of the six sigma DMAIC methodology so rapidly over took this outdated terminology.
    Define – Define the problem you are working on.
    Measure – gather data on the current state problem
    Analyze – analyze the data to determine root cause
    Improve the process to remove the root cause
    Control – Monitor the process to assure you have made the correct changes
    when you compare the two it seems foolish to use the PDCA acronym doesn’t it?
    Plan what ? Do What Based on ??? Check what ? Act base on what?



    I tend to agree with Ron.
    PDCA can be used when the solution to the “problem” is known.
    i.e. a new process is set up where the workers need to wear safety googles. Plan for the need, purchase the goods, check if the users are content and legislation are meet and act if there are issues. In most cases there would not even be documentation for these “projects”.
    Another example is implementing second source suppliers: Plan what vendors to evaluate, Do a benchmarking on cost and quality, check that they can deliver against their prommise and act on the result.
    I think this is more in the lean toolbox than in the six-sigma (but I do not know lean that well). 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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