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Mining for Lost Gold in the Transactional Environment

Searching for lost gold in the transactional environments that are major components of all organizations is a Six Sigma imperative. A number of ways are available for successfully mining transactional processes, thereby reaping significant savings. Transactional- or service-focused Black Belts and Green Belts address problems which center on the elimination of process chaos. Transactional chaos…

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Using a DMAIC-Style Approach to Win Service Contracts

In today’s competitive environment, companies are looking for service providers that offer a lower cost and a trusted partnership. This is a need that can turn the request-for-quotes (RFQ) process into more than a bidding war. It is especially true when companies are looking to outsource major activities and are concerned about losing control. For…

Making the Business Case for a Six Sigma Deployment

Many quality managers have read about and seen the benefits of Six Sigma but are unsure how to approach their senior leadership about the opportunity because they do not have a concise package of information to convey. Fortunately, there is a series of tried and true steps which can be taken to sell management on…