I signed off on Measure & Analyse last week which, in the way only a leadership /tollgate review can, lifted the pressure involved in gathering all that data and instantaneously dumped the pressure of delivery onto the team.

This project presented such clear problems we’ve been able to go almost straight to delivery. As you would expect this has now manifested in a real push on delivery time. So, the last thing I needed was a dose of Post Tollgate Amnesia (or Tollgatis Zombyitis for the medical professionals among us).

This is, of course, when suddenly following a review a BB forgets how to do anything and spends two days continuing to play with his data and feebly attempting to cobble together some type of plan for the next 4-6 weeks of the project.

I have asked about and found that most BBs seem to have contracted this at some point yet no-one seems to have found a proven cure. It is a bit like a hangover as far as I can see. Many people tell of fabled remedies passed down from MBB to BB but nothing seems to work. I even tried to treat it using one of my Dad’s old hangover remedies and I can categorically state that a raw egg and a pint of Guinness does not help complete a project plan. Please advise your colleagues.

This dose of PTA lasted 3 days. It was full on brain freeze, a mental meltdown, complete cerebral catalepsy. 3 days sitting staring at my blank project plan making random phone calls which served little purpose and trying in vain to find any motivation.

Then, as quickly as you contract a case of PTA, it’s gone. Plans come together, the phone starts finding people who can make a difference, ideas start to flow and suddenly you’re off again. In my case, day 4 came and I must have tripped over my motivation in my sleep because it was everywhere. My plan is now a work of art, my phone is slowly moulding to the shape of my ear (or are my ears moulding to the shape of my phone…), workshops are firmly in the diary and the project is now in full Improve flow. Woohoo, here we go!

I have already resigned myself to a post Improve dose of PTA so if I find some sort of legal mental viagra then I’ll let you all know and if you happen to know of a little know elixir then let us all know.

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