Pugh Matrix

Definition of Pugh Matrix:

The Pugh matrix helps determine which items or potential solutions are more important or ‘better’ than others. It is employed after capturing voice of the customer (VOC).

It is a scoring matrix used for concept selection in which options are assigned scores relative to criteria. The selection is made based on the consolidated scores. Before starting a detailed design, there are many options – this tool helps with selecting the best option.

This tool is also known as a criteria-based matrix.

The Pugh matrix is a tool used to facilitate a disciplined, team-based process for concept generation and selection. Several concepts are evaluated according to their strengths and weaknesses against a reference concept called the datum (base concept). The datum is the best current concept at each iteration of the matrix.

The Pugh matrix allows an individual or team to:

  1. Compare different concepts
  2. Create strong alternative concepts from weakconcepts
  3. Create strong alternative concepts from weaker concepts
  4. Arrive at an optimal concept that may be a hybrid or variant of the best of other concepts

This matrix encourages comparison of several different concepts against a base concept, creating stronger concepts and eliminating weaker ones until an optimal concept finally is reached. Also, the Pugh matrix is useful because it does not require a great amount of quantitative data on design concepts, which generally is not available at this point in the process anyway.

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