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5S as a Tool for Gaining Buy-in

Starting an implementation with a 5S event can show employees how Lean Six Sigma works, and what its use will mean for them.

5S Your Email Inbox

I love to open my business email inbox in the morning, don’t you? Especially if you’ve been practicing good work-life balance and haven’t peeked at it since the end of business the day before. When I go on vacation, it’s…

5S Your Email Outbox

After reading my last post, 5S Your Email Inbox, a couple of colleagues asked whether they could apply 5S to sending emails as well. Here are the guidelines that I use – I’m sure others have their methods, too, so feel…

A Model for Implementing a 5S Program

Despite its simplicity, 5S is more than a checklist. A model of implementation in which the 5S program is integrated with operational processes will yield the best results.

A Practical Approach to the Successful Practice of 5S

Too often in Six Sigma the 5S philosophy is confined to one training session or, at best, used as a one-time implementation then dies due to negligence. 5S has to be practiced daily to sustain it and ultimately make it a company-wide culture.

Checking Simple Linear Regression Analysis Using 5S

quick and easy-to-remember way for Lean Six Sigma practitioners to get the most benefit from simple linear regression analysis is with a simple check-up method. The method borrows and adapts the familiar concept found in the 5S tool.

Continuous Process Improvement Encounters the Fog and Friction of War

This case study shows it is possible to use Lean Six Sigma tools, including 5S, and sustain improvements in even the most unstable environments.

Ease 5S Sort Process by Defining Necessary Criteria

One of the most challenging concepts in Sort is the differentiation between needed and unneeded items. To make this step clear and easy to implement, often it is important to have a conversation to define what is “necessary” for the organization.

No Cause for Alarm: Avoiding Control Room Overload with 5S

Belts can use the organizational technique to help streamline management processes.

Resource Page: 5S

Standardized work is a basic tenet of process improvement, and 5S can be the foundation on which to achieve that goal. iSixSigma has gathered its best resources on the topic here.

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