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    Praveen Gupta

    Can anyone shed light how people achieve breakthrough improvement? I have been researching this topic and trying to come up with a scheme of things to do. I found the four critical skills necessary to achieve those. They are:
    Time Management
    Process Thinking
    Statistical Thinking
    Innovative Thinking
    Any ideas or comments about how companies can achieve breakthrough improvement, i.e., greater than 47.5% improvement in quality.



    It requires several characteristics, even before the skills come into play.

    Zero tolerance for poor quality and waste. That doesn’t mean you dump on people. It does mean that you refuse to be content with “pretty good.”
    People who are driven to learn new things, understand how things work, and improve themselves.
    Proactive thinking. This is the aspect of time management that says, “Spend more time preventing fires so you can spend less time putting them out.”
    Pay attention to innovation taking place in the world around you. It’s easier to use other peoples’ inventions than to invent your own. There are two skills here – recognizing other peoples’ ideas that have value to you, and adapting other peoples’ ideas in different ways to your business. And no, I’m not talking about pirating intellectual property here.
    Think long-term. Breakthrough improvement only comes with risk. You must be willing to take a risk to achieve large long-term rewards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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