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Case Study: Use Six Sigma to Reduce Temporary Labor Expenses

In any plant, when production increases above planned-for levels – whether due to sudden increased demand or unexpected constraints in the system – contract labor may be brought in as a quick fix. While this provides some flexibility in operations, increased labor costs is a problem. Six Sigma can be used to optimize these changing…


Dominion Travels Six Sigma Style

Barq’s isn’t the only thing with bite. At Dominion, it’s Six Sigma that gives data teeth. Director of travel and corporate services, Donna Kelliher, said in a recent Travel Procurement cover story article: “You can do those quick analyses, but when you put Six Sigma behind it, you’re using statistical tools and people will buy…

ServiceMaster – Six Sigma

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Replicate (DMAICR).Replication is the differentiator in ServiceMaster’s Six Sigma Initiative.Launched in November 2001 with the appointment of John Biedry as Senior Vice President, Continuous Improvement/Six Sigma, ServiceMaster’s Six Sigma initiative focuses on making processes efficient and then replicating the improved processes across thousands of branch locations and franchises.(Sounds like…

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Business Services Industry – Six Sigma

Business Services is a very diversified sector. It consists of the following Fortune 1000 industries: Diversified Outsourcing, Miscellaneous, Real Estate, Advertising & Marketing, Temporary Help, and Education. The majority of the companies in these industries are Fortune 501-1000.The Fortune 500 holds a short list of Six Sigma Companies. Cendant Manpower ServiceMaster

Delta Staffing – Six Sigma

Who says Six Sigma isn’t for small companies?This is the smallest company I know of that uses Six Sigma.At five employees and $3 million projected revenue for 2005, Delta Staffing Precision Hiring Systems is a placement services firm in Clarkston, Michigan, USA that uses Six Sigma to streamline the personnel selection process: “Employing Six Sigma,…