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Controlling the Process That Controls Business Processes

The same methods (Lean Six Sigma) which transformed manufacturing and transactional processes into smooth, high efficiency processes also will work in software and IT, if adapted to recognize the differences in these processes.

Fixing Between-agent Variation Can Make All the Difference

Here is the good news: To help their call centers improve, managers need to solve just one problem – between-agent variation.

Optimizing Software/IT Role in a Typical Organization

In software and IT projects most failures are related to the lack of an understanding of what the customer really expects the system to do (operational requirements) and why (business results). But a program like Six Sigma can resolve many issues.

Six Sigma Aids in IT Employee Resource Planning

Effective resource planning is an important part of any process improvement program, including those in IT. Formalizing processes and developing measurement systems helps to determine the value of internal projects from a human capital perspective.

Six Sigma for Software – More Than a New Tool

Six Sigma for Software is rapidly emerging as the new wave of change in Six Sigma and no wonder. It actually addresses the tools AND the root causes of the lack of needed change, management accountability and organizational behavior.

Six Sigma Trends: Upgrade for Supply Chains and Solution Providers

Customers are requiring greater supply-chain integration. This trend must be considered when launching and/or deploying Six Sigma. Today's traditional effort in deploying Six Sigma projects should be restructured in order to balance addressing chain voice of the customer with solving internal, single-business process problems.

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