How to Poka-yoke CAD Drawings

The following question has been posed on many Internet discussion forums: Has anyone poka-yoked a computer-aided design (CAD) system? The goal of poka-yoke, or mistake-proofing, is to design a process or mechanism that prevents an error from occurring. In the world of machine and industrial design, CAD systems are one of the best forms of…


Six Sigma for Software – More Than a New Tool

We need to fundamentally change what’s going on in Software. FAST! Defects, long cycle times, poor estimation, missed targets and project cancellations are stripping away profits and our ability to satisfy and retain customers. It’s occurring in Software Development companies, Embedded Product Software (Firmware), and Business Application Software. And, it’s happening in all industry segments….

The Five Essentials for Software Testing

The following advice should help clarify your thinking about software testing and help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing. It is helpful to think about software testing in terms of five essential elements: A test strategy that tells you what types of testing and the amount of testing you think will work…


Start Software Testing With All Five Essentials in Place

Five essential elements are required for successful software testing. If any one of the five is missing or inadequate, the test effort will most likely fall far short of what could otherwise be achieved. Exploring these five essentials can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any software testing program. Here are the five essential…


Combining the Power of DMAIC with Testing Processes

Companies today make great financial investments in testing their processes and systems to ensure that they will meet customer expectations. The companies go through all the right steps to test as thoroughly as possible; but – in many cases – the end results are less than desired for the effort, time and dollars expended. Customer experiences…

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