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Case Study: Using DFSS and DOE to Increase Product Reliability

A medical devices company launched a substrate development effort using DFSS and DOE to predict the stress caused by the laser welding process and ensure product reliability.

Product Guide: Simulation Software

A guide to simulation software, which is used to create models and run experiments.

Simulation Modeling Best Addition to Analysis Toolkit

Irrespective of the quality program they use, many companies in India have found limitations in some of the quality improvement tools they use while also discovering the advantages of using simulation modeling and analysis.

Understand the Difference Between Verification and Validation

In simulations, verification and validation are not interchangeable. Verification confirms that a model is doing what the modeler intended it to do when it was created, while the validation process helps a modeler be certain the correct model was built. Neglect one or the other at the risk of misguided results.

Use Monte Carlo Simulation to Manage Schedule Risk

Monte Carlo simulation provides a probabilistic analysis of a project schedule, helping project managers make the best decisions to keep work on track.

Using Monte Carlo Simulation as Process Control Aid

Monte Carlo simulations are often used as a tool in the Analyze or Improve phase of a Six Sigma DMAIC project to improve the capability of processes. However, simulations also are a powerful tool in statistical process control.

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