Problem Solving Methodology Wizard Flow Chart

Flow chart for the Problem Solving Methodology Wizard:

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  1. Steve Clapp

    Great visual depiction of how we should think about solving problems. One suggestion: under “Implement,” where you state “implement without formal project,” I would amend that to say “implement with a standard project management methodology.” While you wouldn’t need to use DMAIC or DFSS or any of the other quality improvement methodologies, you would very much need to follow an approach like PMI’s Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor/control, and Close. Otherwise, resources would be misaligned and misdirected, resulting in failure to meet projects’ cost, quality, and time requirements.


  2. Schmidtner

    I like the visualization and clear flow = the strength of flowcharts anyway.

  3. franz tulalian

    this is great

  4. Allen D. JOHNSON, Sr

    The chart is a good starting point to introduct concept to “OTHERs”

  5. Piyarat

    The chart is very useful and suggetive.

  6. Saravanakumar Muthusamy

    thanks….. great job………..

  7. Priscilla

    Wonderful tool. Currently completing a thesis on how to implement improvements in a local NPO and i have greatly benefited from this template.

  8. Jagadeesh G

    thanks, its very useful and nice.

  9. Ian Paps

    Thank you. Just what I needed to think of a project so I can be YB certified,

  10. Grace

    Excellent visualization. My application in my project has been exactly this for a LSS project . Again this is not a automation, but people tend to forget the very basic principles of flow chart. In this advanced technology time, when people do not use punch cards to write and compile codes like just 20 years back, people now can afford to code in a hurry and compile because they have the luxury of correcting and resubmitting for compilation in minutes. So the basic tools such as flow chart is more or less neglected. So your visualizaiton was a fresh breath in air. Always a great comprehension tool.

  11. Patel

    Very good visualisation. Good job.

  12. Alessandro Persichitti

    Nice and very handy chart! Lovet that!

  13. Chandramouli Swaminathan.

    Though I am conversant with Five “S” Kaizen I want to learn 6 sigmas

  14. Alejandro Leiva

    This is really good. I use it for mentorship.

  15. Luiz Brandao

    Good and efficient and clear


    Good Chart…!

    It is depicting improvement guide to proceed further.

    Thanks for the information.

  17. Mark Nicholson

    Great chart. I can’t help but think that there should be a step that involves validation of the idea, looking at demand, competitive analysis and similar would also be important prior to development. I wouldn’t assume validation prior to problem solving.

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