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A Kaizen Event with Shigeo Shingo at Hill-Rom Industries

Die changes at Hill-Rom took between one and four hours. With Shigeo Shingo as their guide, the fabrication team learned the single minute exchange-of-dies (SMED) system and accomplished what they thought was impossible.

A Lean-Six Sigma Duo for the Office – A Case Study

The experience of a European life insurance provider highlights the lessons learned from transferring Lean from the shop floor to the office, as well as providing a deployment model that integrates Lean, Six Sigma and process management.

A Plan for a Five-day Kaizen

This article looks at some common tools and techniques for planning a successful Kaizen event, and identifies some pitfalls to avoid.

Carefully Planned Kaizens Can Lead to Immediate Change

Organizations considering Kaizen events must be ready to make a commitment to change management by properly preparing attendees for the goals of the event, executing the event smoothly and implementing solutions in a timely and effective manner.

Choosing Kaizen to Overcome Challenges in ED Project

After being compelled to reset a project several times because of a major upheaval in the emergency department, a Black Belt team leader decided to schedule a Kaizen event and the team delivered ED improvements in three areas in only four days.

Consider Kaizen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Six Sigma, when properly used and maintained, is the vehicle of choice – the motorcycle. Lean and fast, blazing along the highway of product cycles and deficiency, a set of tools strapped under the seat as one breezes from root cause to root cause.

Converting Skeptics and Keeping Them On Board

Six Sigma has grown in popularity, yet it still has detractors. These skeptics are people who feel burdened by the disruption Six Sigma has caused in their work life. It is up to managers to face the skeptics and set the right tone for a deployment.

Dallas Mayoral Candidate Pledges Application of Lean Six Sigma

Former Dallas police chief David Kunkle has announced his intentions to run for Dallas mayor, saying he will favor the application of continuous improvement programs to address the city’s most pressing needs.

DC Electronics Launches Website Showcasing Quality Systems

DC Electronics, a San Jose, Calif., USA-based cable and harness assembly firm, has announced the launch of a new, media-rich website designed to give clients a detailed look at the company’s quality systems and processes.

Driving Financial Services Excellence with Kaizens

Last year, business process outsourcing firm Firstsource, based in Mumbai, India, was one of the participants in the iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards program in the Most Successful Start-up category. Recently, iSixSigma caught up with Chandeep Singh, Executive Vice President,…

Fast and Intense: Kaizen Approach to Problem-Solving

Kaizens are improvement events where a group completes most or all of a DMAIC cycle on a narrowly targeted high-priority issue in just a matter of days. The model has been so successful that it has been adapted for a wide variety of uses.

Gemba Walks Come to Life at Fairbanks Morse Engine

Three examples of gemba walks at Fairbanks Morse Engine demonstrate the importance of the sometimes-overlooked basics of process improvement.

Harris Waste Management Hires Black Belt, Kaizen Champion Leeman as Quality Director

Harris Waste Management Group Inc, Peachtree City, Ga., the global supplier of balers, shears and shredders to the recycling industry has added Lonnie Leeman as its quality director.

Is This a Six Sigma, Lean or Kaizen Project?

Executives who develop a working knowledge of Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen are much better prepared to build the right infrastructure and lead their organizations to both financial and human success.


Kaizen – ADHD Therapy Using Continuous Improvement: Tools to Keep Employees Continuously Occupied

Tools to Keep Employees Continuously Occupied | This article describes what a Kaizen event is and addresses how to run successful Kaizen events.

Kaizen and Six Sigma Together in the Quest for Lean

Kaizen alone is ineffective and should not be used as a continuous improvement culture without Six Sigma and DMAIC. Combining these tools with Kaizen in the Lean spirit of continuous improvement will optimize success and improve the organization.

Kaizen with Six Sigma Ensures Continuous Improvement

Kaizen aims to eliminate waste in all systems of an organization through improving standardized activities and processes. By understanding the basics of Kaizen, practitioners can integrate this method into their overall Six Sigma efforts.

Kaizen: Easiest, Fastest Way to Improve Office Processes

Many of the early benefits of Lean and Six Sigma at Medtronic, a major medical technology company, were in manufacturing. In the last year, however, Medtronic also has had notable results improving transactional and administrative processes.

Lean Six Sigma Remains Strong in Manufacturing

Methods such as 5S, Kaizen, value stream mapping and kanban were the top Lean tools mentioned in a recent survey of 1,100 manufacturers.

Lean: Relentless Pursuit of Product Value and No Waste

Lean, like other process improvement methodologies, is based on the idea that a business is a series of processes that delivers value to its customers. A process is Lean if it uses the minimum of resources to add value to its product or service.

Managing to Standard Work in the Office

Fairbanks Morse Engine had to swallow a tough message from its customers: You are too slow and we are not going to take it anymore!Direct observation of the customer service staff revealed a consistent pattern of interruptions – 70 percent of the time they were unable to convert an order without interruption.

Manufacturing Survey Finds Widespread Use of Lean Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen

With manufacturers across the country looking to save costs in every place possible, it’s no wonder that Lean manufacturing and safety have become the cornerstone of financially responsible business practices. Saving thousands on inventory, resources and workers’ compensation claims, these…

Paper Kaizen

Phillips Industries Expands Mexico Plant Using Lean Principles

Phillips Industries has announced it is expanding its Saltillo, Mexico facility to over 70,000 sq ft to accommodate growth in sales. The extra space will allow the company to expand its trailer harness assembly line, improve process flow and offers…

Printing Industries of America Mourns Death of Kenneth E. Rizzo

Printing Industries of America (PIA) has reported that Kenneth E. Rizzo, 61, the company’s director, technical and Lean services, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, Feb. 15, while on assignment in suburban Boston.

Readying Middle Management for Culture Change at Bosch

Middle management is a broad and diverse segment of any organization that must be engaged deliberately to ensure a culture of change is able not only to survive, but to thrive.

Resource Page: Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement. iSixSigma has gathered its best resources on Kaizen here.

Tennessee Marine Firm Receives Funds for Lean, Kaizen Training

A grant from the Tennessee Department of Labor (TDL) will soon help 132 employees at Moeller Marine Inc., of Sparta, Tenn., USA, learn Lean skills to improve the plant’s efficiency.

The Many Sides of a Gemba Walk

Gemba walks at Fairbanks Morse Engine demonstrate the importance of the sometimes-overlooked basics of process improvement.

Using Kaizen to Gain Buy-in at Boat Manufacturer

What is the best way to gain buy-in at a manufacturer that is resistant to culture change?

What Is Lean Six Sigma [VIDEO] – With Rick Murrow

The most common Lean Six Sigma questions are asked and answered, including: How do you describe Lean Six Sigma from a 50,000-foot level, what results can be expected from implementing Lean Six Sigma, and how is Lean Six Sigma different from TQM or other process improvement methodologies?

Why Choose Six Sigma Over Kaizen?

In this excerpt from the iSixSigma Discussion Forum, posters discuss the benefits of Six Sigma and Kazien, and how to integrate the two.

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