statistical process control

Short-Run Statistical Process Control Techniques

Short production runs are a necessity in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing environments. The trend in manufacturing has been toward smaller production runs, with production runs – as well as products – tailored to the individual customer’s needs. Although this minimizes inventory and improves responsiveness to the customer, it complicates the application of statistical process control (SPC). Classical…


Webinar Shares Nordstrom Best Practices on Statistical Process Control

Got best practices? If you’ve been attending (or separately purchasing components of) the iSixSigma “Best of the Best” Webinar Series, you are on your way. These hour-long sessions deliver process improvement secrets from some of the world’s most respected companies. The first two sessions in the series featured best practices from MoneyGram International (“MoneyGram’s Transformation…

Integrating SPC and SQC to Overcome Weaknesses in Each

Statistical quality control (SQC) and statistical process control (SPC) are two powerful tools, which have different goals and requirements for successful application. By using a methodology that combines the strengths of both approaches, it is possible to overcome the individual weaknesses of each one. The volume of calculations required by this technique prohibits manual data…

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