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Poka Yoke

Change Anything in Your Business or Personal Life [VIDEO] – With Ron McMillan

Ron McMillan is one of the authors of the book “Change Anything,” which introduces a framework to help you achieve any of your business or personal goals by: becoming a scientist, studying yourself, identifying crucial moments where you fail, creating vital behaviors, and engaging in six sources of influence.

How Mistake Proof Are Your Processes?

Poka yoke, also called mistake proofing, is a simple method to prevent defects from occurring in your business processes. Learn from these three poka yoke examples.

How to Poka-yoke CAD Drawings

The goal of poka-yoke is to design a process or mechanism that prevents an error from occurring. In the world of machine and industrial design, CAD systems are one of the best forms of poka-yoke available.

Use Realistic Tolerancing and Poka-yoke for Process Control

An organization had a limited capital budget but needed to ensure its product was safely delivered in its own packaging. The organization used poka-yoke and realistic tolerancing to control its process improvements.

Work Instructions for Mistake Proofing

This step-by-step guide provides the directions for performing poka-yoke techniques to processes.

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