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Power of Lean in the Laboratory: A Clinical Application

Improvement ideas are frequently considered in most organizations, but it is all too rare that these ideas are pursued and implemented. Lean offers a powerful set of tools to address this issue. Born in the automotive industry, Lean focuses on eliminating waste (non-value-added activities) throughout a process. Reducing or eliminating needless steps – such as…

Histology Technology and Lean Healthcare Hand in Hand

Many in the healthcare industry, as well as other industries, think that new technology – automated systems and expensive equipment – can assure vastly improved workflow. In reality, too often new technology is infused into old processes, therefore greatly reducing the benefits of the investment. That was the initial experience at Virtua Voorhees Histology Lab in…

Lean Delivers Faster Turnaround Time in Hospital Lab

Having found that lab results assist clinicians in more than 70 percent of their patient management decisions, Virtua Health recognized that improvements made to lab processes would have a ripple effect on patient wait times in critical departments. For instance, blood work determines many emergency department (ED) decisions, and lab test results influence patient discharge….

Outpatient Imaging Reports TAT Cut from 64 to 9 Hours

Competition in the outpatient imaging center market is intense. New imaging centers are springing up everywhere. Faced with decreasing reimbursements, ever-changing technology and the expectation of spa-like atmospheres, how can an outpatient imaging center remain profitable? The answer lies with the customer. Having a pulse on the customer experience and continually eliciting and acting on…