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Applying Transactional Lean at Medical Imaging Firm

University Medical Imaging (UMI) in Brighton, New York, USA successfully implemented a Lean and Six Sigma transactional process improvement and training program when delays and other issues began to affect patient satisfaction.

Lean Delivers Faster Turnaround Time in Hospital Lab

A hospital employed Lean Six Sigma methodologies in its specimen collection process to decrease patient wait time, decrease the distance staff needed to travel to complete tasks, increase patient touch time and improve lab turnaround time.

Lean Six Sigma Improves New Hire Reimbursement Process

A government agency used Lean Six Sigma to streamline a cumbersome reimbursement process for new hire relocation expenses. The changes eliminate the reimbursement bureaucracy for new hires and save the company $185,000 a year.

Streamlining Coast Guard’s Accounts Payable Process

Coast Guard Finance Center fix for over-stressed accounts payable process: An experienced Lean Six Sigma consultant with a finance background to lead a project team, break through the complexity, and design a Lean, effective and scaleable process.

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