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Payday for Employees and Companies

It’s clear that Six Sigma pays. This issue’s Benchmarking feature (iSixSigma Magazine, May/June 2005) presents a positive picture of the average annual salaries of Six Sigma professionals around the world. Black Belt and Master Black Belt salaries increased 5.4 and 5.3 percent respectively since last year – climbing to $74,000 and $98,000. In the United…

Give Them Their Own Forum

Thousands of people per year use the “Make a Suggestion” box found on every page. We love it because it provides a tremendous amount of new ideas for us to think about, prioritize and develop. Keep them coming. Every once in a while we’ll receive a suggestion like, “There seem to be a large…

The Cox-Box Cartoon and Blog

The Cox-Box, Six Sigma Guy, and associated characters are the brainchild and creative outlet of Rookie Six Sigma Black Belt Gary Cox. Gary has combined his passion for drawing cartoons with his newly acquired Six Sigma experiences through the characters and tales in The Cox-Box. The situations, characters and bureaucracy are all hypothetical and any…


What’s This Blog Thing About, Anyway?

As my previous blog described, this is the location that I will be posting thoughts, rants and anything else that I have time to post. Everything you read here will be written by me, Michael Cyger, and it reflects my unique perspective of this Six Sigma community that I’ve helped build and foster since 2000….

When Jack Talks, People Listen

At the recent IQPC Six Sigma Summit Six Sigma conference, the auditorium was packed to standing room only with executives and practitioners there to hear a question and answer session with Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Many delegates I spoke with said they registered for the conference just for the chance to hear…

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Starting a Blog

I’ve spoken to the iSixSigma editorial staff about creating a blog and received mixed reviews. On one hand, I would personally like to start a conversation with others that doesn’t have to be proofed, edited, or polished before printing. My staff, on the other hand, is probably cringing at the idea of allowing unedited content…

iSixSigma Blogosphere Help

Welcome to iSixSigma Blogosphere Help, a collection of help documents for those posting to the Blogosphere. Search through our collection with Article Search (above) or just browse through the categories (to the left). If you can’t find what you need here, post a comment to this Help section and we’ll do what we can to…


Value Stream Mapping Definition

Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing or lean enterprise technique used to document, analyze and improve the flow of information or materials required to produce a product or service for a customer. Full definition.

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