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Ask the Expert: The Topic – Six Sigma and Return on Investment

John Lopez-Ona, president and CEO of Six Sigma Qualtec, offers his perspective on Six Sigma and return on investment – from how to measure ROI in a Six Sigma initiative to the critical success factors in achieving a satisfactory ROI.

British Study Finds Change Management Programs Average ROI of 650 Percent

According to the report from Changefirst, more than 40 percent of change managers believe at least a third of the financial gains could be attributable to change management activities alone. This means that, after nine months, for every £1 spent on change management these organisations were getting £6.50 as a return.

Calculating ROI to Realize Project Value

Calculating the true value of any project (Lean Six Sigma or otherwise) with respect to its impact on margin has always been challenging. Return on investment (ROI) is a key calculation in answering these questions.

Demand for Six Sigma Hires Rising at Financial Firms

In the last two years of the Great Recession, financial firms have shown a heightened interest in hiring executives who are familiar with the rigors of the Six Sigma methodology, according to a representative from executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

Determining Project and Program ROI

When organizations embark on a continuous improvement program, one of the first steps is to determine how they should measure the success of their projects and program. iSixSigma asked experienced Master Black Belts for their thoughts on the topic.

How a Company Can Involve Its Suppliers in Six Sigma

As companies concentrate on design and outsource more of the order fulfillment process, including manufacturing, their quality image is dependent on supplier performance. When is the right time to involve suppliers in a quality improvement initiative?

i-nexus Delivers Significant Growth with Business Execution Software

Business Execution software specialist, i-nexus, celebrates 10 successful years in 2011, highlighting increased ROI from existing customers alongside the addition of global leaders such as Best Buy and 3M to its client portfolio.

Lowering the Cost of Ownership for Software Lifecycles

From CIO to CFO, the writing is on the wall - lower the cost of ownership. This article discusses strategic choices IT organizations can make in lowering the cost of ownership for the entire software lifecycle in order to minimize overall costs and deliver return-on-investment. Reducing their budget in the short term can motivate IT organizations to create innovative approaches to systems development that will reduce costs.

Monitoring Return on Investment for Internet Initiatives

During the past four years the Internet channel has seen the migration from an exploratory revolution of new functionality to creating a viable profitable business. It is no longer feasible to place additional technological enhancements on the web without considering…

Reap a Return on Investment

The best ROI references on iSixSigma can be found here.

Research: Black Belt Return on Investment

In our most recent research study, we look at Black Belt project pay-offs, where companies are targeting their Lean Six Sigma efforts and the validity of financial results.

Six Sigma Proves Its Value in Funds Management

Six Sigma is a systematic data-driven approach that works across most processes, products and industries. Still, some organizations think Six Sigma cannot work for them. One company's funds management department proves that it can. 

Top Lean Six Sigma IT Trends to Come in 2011

As the calendar flips to 2011, several technology experts and software providers have made predictions about how Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement methodologies will shape IT departments in the coming year. Collected here are four of their forecasts for the next 12 months.

U.K. Study: Change Management Can Reap High ROI

A recent study from the United Kingdom found that expenditures on change management activities can reap huge rewards for relatively little cost, with a return on investment (ROI) as high as 650 percent. According to the report from British consulting…

University of Oklahoma to Offer Free Lean Training to Businesses

The University of Oklahoma Lean Institute will officially launch its new Lean and Green training program for Oklahoma businesses in Fall 2010. Lean and Green teaches organizations how to identify and eliminate environmental waste from their own operations through three intensive days of training spread over 10 to 12 weeks.

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