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Ecochlor Opens New Factory
Feb 26
Due to a surge in orders, ProFlow, Inc., Ecochlor’s manufacturing partner, was able to quickly increase production capacity and efficiency by simultaneously incorporating Lean manufacturing procedures and maintaining its ISO 9001 certification
Thales' Continues with Its Recruitment Drive
Feb 26
Thales is looking for technicians in industrial operations, including supply chain and Lean manufacturing, the company states in an update.
County Structural $44.5 Million Budget Deficit to Be Eliminated by 2020
Feb 26
By applying Lean Six Sigma, “nearly the county’s entire general fund deficit has been resolved, and the county continues to make progress towards fiscal stability,” said Ryan Alsop, Kern County Administration Officer.
In New Book, Researchers Address Challenges of Adopting Additive Manufacturing
Feb 23
“Industrializing AM is a complex undertaking and involves far more than acquiring machines and placing them in a building with a few newly trained operators and engineers,” as noted in the book’s introduction.
AFWERX Hosts AETC, Others in Problem-Definition Workshop
Feb 21
“A common issue within the Air Force is that everyone is working in silos and no one is collaborating,” Matthew Scott, AFWERX Austin managing director, said. “AFWERX exists to build that essential ecosystem through efforts like the coordination we accomplished for this workshop.”
AIS Named Senate District’s ‘Manufacturer of the Year’
Feb 20
AIS is a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and leads the industry in sustainable, Lean manufacturing, lead-time performance and manufacturing flexibility.
Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership Teams with City to Train Companies to Implement Lean
Feb 19
South Bend Career Pathways was created to assist city residents eager to advance their employment prospects and income levels through career training programs. The program was expanded in 2018 to include on-demand offerings for South Bend employers to advance employees.
UW Alumnus Works to Make Affordable High-End Bicycles in Seattle
Feb 19
“The focus of our business and operations is on efficiency and Lean manufacturing.”
Northeast Products Seeks to Add 25 Jobs in Peterborough
Feb 18
“We’ve focused on Lean manufacturing and improving our efficiency,” Northeast Products President and CEO Peter Luccisano said in an interview Monday. “By doing so, we’ve been able to provide a competitive price. Now, we have the opportunity to bring in more work, do more business and provide more jobs, but you need capital to do those things.”
2019 Continuous Improvement Conference Keynote Speakers Announced
Feb 18
Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, the Continuous Improvement Conference is the only annual event focused on helping graphic communications-focused manufacturers achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of Lean manufacturing and other management and quality systems.
How Prefab Bathrooms Can Save Time and Money
Feb 15
“We use a combination of building information modeling and Lean manufacturing technology to provide customers with ready-to-install units.”
Global Machine Tool Manufacturer Moving US HQ to North Carolina
Feb 15
The expansion and relocation will create more than 25 new jobs and a $3.5 million capital investment.
Phenix Technology, Inc. Is The RecipPhenix Technology, Inc. Receives Innovation Award for Human Capi
Feb 15
The company first began their Lean manufacturing journey in 2017 and has enjoyed the tremendous benefits of a full work culture shift ever since.
Quincy Businesses Learn About Lean Processes
Feb 15
Presenters from the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center, known as IMEC, gave a luncheon presentation Thursday to tell how inefficiencies can exist in all workplaces.
SMTA Releases 2019 Certification Program Offerings
Feb 14
Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) SMT Processes and Lean Six Sigma certification is intended for manufacturing and process engineers.
Cecilia Martinez Receives Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor at Clarkson University
Feb 14
She is a Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt and has worked for the automobile and electronics industries and has served as a process improvement consultant across the different functions of businesses from the manufacturing and service sectors.
Premier EuroCase Cuts Lead Time in Half
Feb 14
Premier EuroCase has reduced its standard lead time from 10 business days to five.
QuartzClinical Announces New Lean Six Sigma Performance Improvement Tools
Feb 13
Utilizing best practices in performance improvement, this series of tools offers hospitals immediate access to Lean and Six Sigma methodologies that can jumpstart their quality improvement efforts.
Six 4-C Academy Students Will Intern with P&G
Feb 12
Students also receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification as part of the program.
QuartzClinical Wins Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award
Feb 11
Earning first place in the Machine Learning-Powered Data Analytics category, QuartzClinical was recognized for its innovative use of big data, advanced machine learning, and proven real-world applications.
AmesburyTruth Adds VP of Product Management Position
Feb 07
“Michelle [Nissen]’s leadership and Six Sigma Black Belt certification will help facilitate the ongoing improvement to our innovation and product development processes,” says Jeff Graby, AmesburyTruth CEO.
Healthcare Systems Conference Features a Medical Futurist
Feb 06
Describing the conference content as “high-quality,” HSPI 2019 Conference Chair Eddie Pérez-Ruberté, BayCare Health System, Bradenton, Florida, says that HSPI takeaways cover “everything from simulation and patient throughput improvements to emotional intelligence, change management and leadership.”
Consulting Magazine Recognizes Steven Bowen, CEO of Maine Pointe, with Global Leaders in Consulting
Feb 06
Steven Bowen was profiled in the January issue of Consulting Magazine along with other award recipients, with the editors recognizing two of Bowen’s recent milestones: achieving >25% revenue CAGR the past five years, consistently outperforming the market and the publication of his book.
LeanLife Appoints Operations Advisor
Feb 06
The Company introduces Mr. Chris Nichols as an on-call advisor to Operations Manager, Glenn Nichols, in the design and validation of LeanLife’s full scale production process.
Lucas Group Continues Recent Expansion
Feb 05
At FPC, Dan Ladrech specialized in recruiting quality, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing and engineering professionals, a practice he will continue at Lucas Group.
ValvTechnologies, Inc. Names Keith Whittaker Director of Global Quality Management
Feb 04
He will lead the development and continuous improvement of the quality programs and processes to support the growth and globalization of the company.
AME Conference Includes International Line-up of Speakers
Feb 04
AME has confirmed US-based speaker Billy Taylor, who has experience in all areas of operations management and leadership. Taylor leads the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company North American Tire operations and is responsible for engineering, supply chain execution and the drive for operational excellence.
Capstone Realizes Considerable Improvements in its Manufacturing Operations
Feb 04
Complementary benefits quickly became evident as the Company started incorporating its Lean manufacturing philosophies across the entire consolidation project, achieving a significant reduction of hidden factory costs, increased capacity and overall waste reduction.
James Hardie Announces Adjusted Net Operating Profit of US$65.9 Million for Q3 Fiscal Year 2019
Feb 04
“Our management team is transforming our commercial strategy and implementing Lean manufacturing as our operating approach in North America plants. We are confident these transformations will lead to an improvement in our execution and results.”
Class Teaches Manufacturing Basics to Prospective Employees
Feb 01
Basic Intro to Manufacturing and Productions was offered to people dealing with barriers to employment and introduced foundational concepts that can be applied at one of the many manufacturing plants around the Joplin area.